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Volunteer Committee Guidelines and Expectations

The contributions of volunteers are integral to the success and sustainability of their values,  contributions and dedication of its volunteers will see that this happens.   To ensure a positive and productive experience for all volunteers, the following guidelines and expectations have been established for our volunteer committees. These guidelines aim to provide clarity, foster collaboration, and promote a sense of shared purpose.   Guidelines

Volunteer for one of these Committees:

Board of Directors

The role of the board of directors for a not-for-profit corporation is to provide governance and oversight to ensure the organization fulfills its mission and operates in a responsible and ethical manner. While the specific duties and responsibilities of the board may vary depending on the organization's size, structure, and purpose, here are some common roles and responsibilities:  Guidelines

Outreach ( Marketing )

This committee would be responsible for engaging with the local community and encouraging partnerships with other organizations and community groups. They would help to organize and would attend outreach events, collaborate on community projects, and promote the GBM's mission and programs to a wider audience. This committee would be responsible for working with the Groups and Programming committee to support member initiatives and work with Group representatives to develop GBM events and programming. Details .

Programming and Special Interest Groups

Develop and coordinate diverse programs, workshops, and events. Manage groups, engage with the community, and evaluate program impact. Collaborate, plan, and ensure a vibrant and inclusive experience for members and Interest Group attendees.            Details .


This committee would be dedicated to assisting in securing funding for the Makerspace through various means, such as researching grant opportunities, sponsorship opportunities, and initiating and coordinating fundraising events. They would work closely with the executive director and staff to identify funding needs and develop strategies to meet fundraising goals.                                                        Details .

Membership and Volunteer Engagement

This committee would focus on attracting new members, retaining existing members, and ensuring a positive experience for all. They would help to develop initiatives to engage members in workshop activities, assist with organizing member events, and oversee volunteer recruitment, training and recognition efforts. This committee will work hand in hand with the Maintenance Committee.                         Details .

Workshop Management

This committee would be responsible for set-up and maintaining the cleanliness, functionality, and safety of the studio spaces and equipment. They would develop protocols and guidelines for workshop use, conduct regular inspections, and coordinate repairs and maintenance tasks. This committee will work hand in hand with the Membership and Volunteer Engagement Committee.      Details .

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