Helping Build Dreams and Bring Your Ideas to Life.

Our Mission: To create a community work space where we all share amazing tools and technology to help bring dreams and everyday ideas to life.  Making, learning, exploring and sharing projects that use both high tech and traditional tools. Grey Bruce Makers is a venue where you, your family and even your business associates can meet, design, collaborate, build, and showcase your work. Background

Examples of what Makers Do:

John started making Christmas ornaments for his daughter on the Epilog laser cutter. A local retail store owner saw them and asked if he could make custom ornaments for her store and a new part time business opened up for him.

Margaret at Montiii. had a unique idea for a children's folding chair and with no previous wood working experience, she asked the makers at her local MakerSpace for help.  Not only did Amy get the necessary training in woodworking but they also helped her build several samples which have led to a successful business.

Robert needed a case for his glasses and decided to 3D print one. For this he wanted to use 3D modelling software such as "Fusion  360" but required help which was found at our local MakerSpace.  Not only did he get help with using the software but also instruction on the 3D printer to print his very first project.



Andrew found a broken computer so he brought it into our MakerSpace to see if he could get it working. On the electronics workbench, he found that the screen still functioned. He now has a second monitor for his lap top computer.

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